About Us


We pride ourselves in making luxury wax melts for affordable prices that look almost as good as they smell! We are a Worcestershire based husband and wife team that quite frankly were fed up of paying over the odds for wax melts that didn’t smell so after a glass of wine (or two) Smelts was born! 
For the first few weeks we kept Smelts under wraps, we had a trusted team of Smelt testers who helped us by providing brutally honest feedback until we found our winning recipe to enable us to make affordable yet incredible wax melts.
In April 2019 we went live to the public and that’s when the magic really started.
Here we are at one of our many 2021 Christmas markets! 
Frequently Asked Questions:
What is a wax melt?
Wax Melts are like a candle bit without the wick! You will need a wax burner (either electric or tealight will work with Smelts) and you simply put the Smelt into the wax well, turn on or light your candle and when it melts the beautiful aroma will fill your home with fragrance. 
Does the wax dissolve?
No, the wax will not dissolve but you will find in time the wax will lose it's scent. To change to a new Smelt, simply melt your wax a little, pop some cotton wool balls into the melted wax to absorb and discard. Your burner is then clean and ready for a new Smelt. 
Do I use a whole Smelt at once?
You can do if you would like to! But we personally recommend snapping each Smelt pot into half (or quaters!) and melting a little at a time. It will depend on your personal preference, the size of your room and the type of your burner but as long as the wax isn't overflowing it's really down to personal preference.
Why do you call them 'Smelts'?
My nickname growing up has been Smells (my actual name is Ellie!) and of course they are Wax Melts so I combined the two together to make a perfect business name!
Are they safe to burn around my cat/dog?
Of course we will never test our products animals, but they are safe to be used around animals. Wax Melts should always be used in a well ventilated room (and I believe you do have to be careful with fish due to respiratory problems) however as Smelts are made using soy wax and fragrance oil they are safe to be used around pets. Pets should always be supervised around wax melts and they should never be left unattended with animals/children. 
Whats best an electric or tealight burner?
This is really personal preference. Typically tealight burners will give off a stronger scent (as they tend to get hotter) but the fragrance may burn off quicker. Electric burners don't tend to get as hot so you may find the scent throw is not as strong with electric burners however I know some people don't like having candles in their house.
How does the loyalty card work?
With your first order you will receive a loyalty card and with every order over £10 after this (even postal orders!) you will receive a stamp to add to your card. When your card is full simply contact us and we will talk you through redeeming your points.